Sunday, August 5, 2012

We're Pregnant!

We found out we were pregnant with you Thanksgiving day 2011.  Such a joy to know that we would be bringing our first child into the world in a matter of months.  I wanted to yell it from the roof top that we were pregnant but it was still too early to announce it to all.  We decided to wait till Christmas and make it a surprise announcement to the family.  I had to think of a creative way of telling your grandparents, aunt and uncle about you.  I decided to get everyone a shirt for Christmas that announced their new titles.  Everyone had to open them all at once of course.  Grandma got "Grandma to be".  Pop pop got "The best dads become great grandfathers".  Uncle T.J. got "Worlds coolest uncle".  Your Aunt Renae got "Worlds coolest Aunt".

Everyone was so excited to find out about you, especially your grandmother.  Since you are the first grandchild she was tickled pink!  She proudly wore her shirt to the family Christmas party that night and bragged to everyone that she was FINALLY going to be a grandmother.  I was happy to finally be able to talk about you with everyone.  It was killing me keeping you a secret.

My pregnancy with you was wonderful!  I never had any sickness and in general felt great.  We decided not to find out if you were a girl or a boy.  I wanted to have that extra incentive the day you were born to push!  I knew all along though that you were a boy.  I just felt it in my heart.  I wanted "Mommas Boy".

While pregnant with you your father loved playing music for you.  He played everything from heavy metal to the soundtrack from Legends.  You seemed to like the music, it calmed you most of the time.  My gift to you was the gift of dance.  As a professional belly dancer I danced several times while pregnant with you.  The swaying movements usually rocked you to sleep when you were active.  Boy were you active!  All day long you would roll around and sit on my ribs.  You liked to stick your butt out.  I said when you were born all I would want to see is this big butt of yours that sat on my ribs all the time.

Daddy playing you music.  Blackbeard close by watching over both of us.
Mommy Belly Dancing with you March 25, 2012. 
I so loved being pregnant with you that we decided to have professional pictures done of my belly.  I was about 7 months pregnant when these were done.  You can see already your father and I loved you very much.  Everyone said I glowed when I was pregnant with you.  I think these amazing pictures show that.

This is the last picture taken of my belly before you were born.  July 27th, 2012.
As much as I loved being pregnant, by month 8 I was ready for you to be here.  I was so big with you I could not sleep.  At that point while I loved being pregnant I was ready for birth and to meet you!  I had gained 41 lbs by the time you were born.  Looking back now, I should have known you were going to be a big boy. 

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