Thursday, March 19, 2015

Look who's a big girl now!

Today was Paisley six month check up. She did such a good job. She is very tall in the 94th percentile in height. She was such a good girl for the two shot she got today. After her appointment we took Aiden up for a much needed haircut. You were such a good boy. So good, you got a car as a prize. 

After some lunch at Chick-fil-A because both of you were being so good, I took Paisley to get her ears pierced.  I wanted to get them done while you were young so I could take care of them and they would heal for you. I did not tell daddy that I was taking you up I wanted to surprise him.  You did so good! You cried for a couple seconds, but as soon as I picked you up you found your thumb and you were all smiles. I'm so proud of you!  

Afterwards, we went and surprise daddy to show him Aiden's new haircut and Paisley's earrings. He was so surprised and excited he was crying. He could not stop saying how beautiful you look with your ears pierced.

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